Used to be you could find products that reflected the lives of their makers and lasted a lifetime....

The Tenterfield saddler

How long will things last?

A good pair of jeans seems to last forever....Depending how well you treat them. A handcrafted leather saddle will last as long as you want it, too....Maybe longer than both your horse and your ability to get on a horse....When I was a young bloke, Church seemed to last forever and good times went quicker than last weeks pay packet.

Values reflect on your upbringing and real Friendships last forever".

Your Tenterfield Saddler Products will last as long as you want, with some becoming a family heirloom....these are the things that matter to me.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will replace or refund money....No time limits will apply.

So, in time when one is just a memory of the past and a new generation captures the passion and vision anew, it may be said with pride....

"My Grandfather made that. He was the Tenterfield Saddler"